Mactan Island Lapu Lapu City- Cebu - Philippines

A beach at Mactan IslandMactan Island - Lapu Lapu City hosts the international Airport of Cebu.

This makes LapuLapu City being a fast growing tourist and industry hotspot.

With that comes a variety of business areas together with Hotels and Beach Resorts. Plenty of different nationalites who settled at Mactan Island also provide a very big range of international food and entertainment.



Why settle at Mactan Island - HelenVille?

If you are having a job in one of the companies and like to reach your work space without the hustle of stock in traffic, our central location here in HelenVille at Mactan Island is quiet a great choice. If you just arrived in the Philippines and looking to start a new life, you also like to take advantage of the nearby Airport and surrounding Islands. HelenVille offers affordable apartments which is friendly to your budget and you can explore the entire Philippines from here.